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Review of revised Code of Practice on Discipline & Grievance which now recommends mediation. 



Workplace Mediation Services

Workplace mediation provides a positive opportunity for people to resolve practical problems and interpersonal issues. It is cost and time efficient producing sustainable solutions. Mediation reduces the damage, costs and risks of escalation. Mediation repairs the relationship for the parties involved and restores a healthier environment for all around who are affected by the fall out from the conflict.

We have specialised in workplace mediation for over sixteen years, resolving issues such as:

  • Allegations of bullying and harassment
  • Personality clash
  • Line management tensions
  • Grievances in response to management style on performance management
  • Attitude, communication and behavioural issues
  • Change management and restructure
  • Group & team issues
  • Perceived discrimination and cultural conflicts. 

We have a 90% success rate and take on complex conflicts and sensitive issues, including mediation between senior management, whistleblowing issues, reinstatement, equality & diversity issues, international staff and cultural conflict, sexual harassment, and breakdown of personal relationships at work. 

Mediation offers a confidential opportunity to raise issues in private with an impartial independent third party. We can assist in engaging reluctant parties or managing a process where there is a conflict of interest. We have experience of whistleblower mediation and bring clarity of thought on ethical issues, cultural conflicts and risk issues.

We provide a Mediation Information pack that helps parties and referrers prepare for and get the most out of the mediation process. The process begins with a brief assessment call with the referrer (free of charge), followed by individual sessions with each party prior to the mediation session.

All our professional mediators are long serving, career mediators who have specialised in workplace mediation. Each of our workplace mediators has an extensive case history with broad experience across a range of business sectors and at all levels in organisations. All are familiar the current pressing concerns for HR. 

"Thank you very much. Things are progressing well now. This has made a big difference." PR team, private sector client.

"Helped put both back on track and moving forward after a very difficult time." HR Business Partner, FTSE 100 company.

"We can now talk and get on with business on a day to day basis." Director.

"Absolutely brilliant, one of the best mediations we've had for a long time, a great success." HR Manager, private sector client.

Call in confidence on 0800 028 3866 for how best to move forward.

Rapid response helps de-escalate and prevent further damage. We aim to have a mediator with you in 5 working days. We appreciate such situations can be volatile and unpredictable, so there are no cancellation fees. 

We can advise on when best to mediate, which situations are suited to mediation and how best to engage reluctant participants.

Refer a case - email.

All mediators are trained on a 6 day Nationally Accredited Certificate in Mediation Skills and have on-going CPD and supervision.

All mediators are fully insured for both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability. 

We are members of the Mediation Standards Council. 

Acquire the skills to secure solutions and manage a fair and impartial process - mediation training.