Win-Win Negotiation Skills

Negotiation can easily slip into a 'them and us' situation, with each side fighting to gain value at the expense of the other side. Winning the deal and losing or damaging the relationship can result in further hidden losses down the line. Win-win negotiation aims to create value for both sides whilst maintaining and strengthening the relationship. It is a creative process that increases the range of options available and brings in new currencies and negotiables, enhancing the deal and deepening the relationship.

Win-win negotiation helps manage the subtle emotional and psychological dynamics that can derail negotiations. Often ego, defensiveness and mistrust can turn vital negotiations into protracted battles. In most negotiations there are only so many variables and there is a careful dance that is familiar to most. When the dance goes wrong and compromise isn't good enough, then this approach brings insight and greater satisfaction. Win-win negotiation allows you to add value to basic negotiations and bring direction and long-term gain to more complex scenarios.


Win-win has become management jargon, seen as a quick fix or thrown around as an easy label. Achieving a win-win takes a great deal of time and effort; it requires a shift in thinking, a change in attitude and a different approach to the situation. True win-win negotiation requires a values shift and for most a degree of unlearning.

For anyone who feels stuck in negotiations, frustrated with the value they are getting, mired in compromise or resentful of being fleeced. If you lack the confidence to negotiate or opt out of negotiations because hardball tactics and confrontation aren't for you, then this approach will give you a strong, principled foundation to operate from. 

For contracts and procurement staff, sales staff, partnership managers, customer service contacts, complaints staff, business owners, entrepreneurs and any senior manager.

A highly interactive course focused on realistic and practical scenarios with live demonstrations, analysis and deconstruction of both successful and failed negotiations, and case study analysis. Aims of the session - 

  • Identify common negotiation tactics and strategies and how to defuse them
  • Understand the drivers behind the other side's stance
  • Understand the psychology of escalation, deadlock and resolution 
  • Changing impasses into turning points
  • Increase the range of negotiable currencies
  • Unlock your own internal blocks to value and your own contributions to escalation
  • Increase you own value whilst improving your counterpart's satisfaction
  • Taking the negotiation range in different directions
  • Moving beyond bargaining and trading
  • Increase your ability to identify and quantify value
  • Confidence and flow when dealing with difficult or aggressive negotiators
  • Acquire flexibility in negotiating style.

The course provides practical templates, frameworks and plans to structure your negotiations, map out value and lay foundations for strong, sustainable relationships.


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