Empathy Training

Empathy is a fundamental resource that adds value in all areas ranging from leadership to sales. Empathy is something you can learn and acquire. You are naturally hard-wired for it and it can be developed and strengthened.

Whether you are engaging clients and customers, leading teams, dealing with difficulties, building relationships or wanting to developing yourself professionally this course will make a significant difference.

This live 3 hour on-line course with a maximum group size of 6 allows us to tailor individual coaching. We can also offer this course as on-demand recorded session. 

Empathy strengthens and maintains relationships promoting resilience both in ourselves and others. Empathy also overcomes two major risks when dealing with crisis or difficulty. We tend to distance ourselves from emotions, this creates a perception for the other person that we don't care or are indifferent which can lead to disengagement. We also worry that if we engage with emotions that we may be overwhelmed or make it worse. Neither needs to happen. Empathy training strengthens confidence in working with emotions, enhances line mangement, helps deal with complexity in coaching, and puts passion into leadership and customer engagement.

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We often have an image of who we are and who we want to be. Working with emotions can often be troubling and difficult, straining that image. It's easy to lapse into token sympathy or kind platitudes and feel that we haven't really done ourselves or the other person any good. Often we are busy, don't have the time and just don't want to get into it. We are busy protecting our own resources for our own needs and purposes. Sometimes other people's emotions can just feel like a drain.  

It can also be easy to avoid emotions: they can be confusing, distracting, messy, scary and overwhelming. Historically, the idea of professionalism is a very neutral one - rational and analytical. This can create an image of being cold and distant, indifferent and uncaring. The notion of professionalism prioritises action, behaviours and intellect. Feelings can't always be fixed by thinking. It takes a different language.

For anyone wanting to strengthen their interpersonal skills professionally or socially.

For coaches, executive coaches and coaching managers up to ILM 7 who struggle when coachees get stuck or bogged down in difficult or complex emotions that block the way forward.

The course aims to work on your own internal values and attitudes and achieve a profound shift at this level. Powerful models, expert demonstration and individual coaching acheive significant shifts quickly. A brief pre-course document will help profile existing strengths and areas you want to focus on. Practical content will include

  • The difference between sympathy and empathy
  • The difference between social empathy and true empathy
  • Internal blocks and limiting assumptions around empathy
  • Empathy in action - bringing thoughts and feelings to life in words and behaviours
  • Maintaining empathy in difficult situations and with difficult personalities
  • Facilitating and achieving depth connection
  • Looking after yourself and self-care
  • Overcoming instinctive reactions and regaining a professional stance
  • Sequencing and managing empathy in situations where both of you are experiencing difficulty
  • Evaluating wider benefits and drawing up a values into action plan.

You will come away with an attitudinal shift, a road map for change, practical skills and feeling energised and excited about your next interaction. A follow up phone call is available after your first goal to review learning and strengthen habits.


Must be made in full no later than 14 working days prior to the course start date. Grant or funded delegates may pay retrospectively.


The following charges will apply if you wish to transfer your booking to a later course date:
21+ working days before a course = 0% of the course fee
6-20 working days before a course =15% of the course fee
1-5 working days before a course = 30% of the course fee
To transfer a delegate please call us on 0800 028 3866.

Substitute delegates:

You can transfer a place on a course to a substitute delegate free of charge.


The following charges will apply if you wish to cancel a course:
6-20 working days before a course = 33%
1-5 working days before a course = 50%

Cancellations must be received in writing via email to training@stevehindmarsh.co.uk and must contain the full booking details including organisation name, booking and delegate contact details.

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