Difficult Conversations Training (2 day)

Avoiding difficult issues is a common and natural part of a busy manager's life. Difficult emotions, confrontational people and pressing priorities can push what needs to be talked about to the side. 

Many people believe that raising a problem will make it worse; this belief is often based on direct personal experience. This training will help you understand why difficult conversations go wrong and what you can do to keep them on track and keep them constructive. 

Managing difficult conversations effectively can make big problems smaller. Managing difficult issues with honesty, clarity and confidence can be a tremendous relief. Also available in-house as a 1 day course, tailored to your culture and current issues. IN-HOUSE ONLY for groups of 4-12 - email.


Find out how to control difficult conversations, prevent confrontations and de-escalate emotions.

Learn a structured, constructive approach to address

  • Personality clashes
  • Negative attitudes and behaviours
  • Performance issues
  • Absence issues
  • Unacceptable behaviour
  • Difficult negotiations
  • Resistance to change
  • Personal problems and sensitive issues
  • Low engagement
  • Redundancy

Find solutions, alternatives and more than one way forward. Tackling difficulties successfully can strengthen employee engagement and build confidence in managers.

For leaders, managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR and employee relations staff.

For anyone wanting more skill and confidence in raising issues.

This course will work through typical difficult conversations within the line management relationship. There will be the opportunity to work on a live issue using tried and tested techniques. Take time to rehearse and practice a future difficult conversation with support from experts and peers in a safe and confidential environment. 

Develop confidence and resilience

  • Understand the costs and risks of avoiding difficult conversations
  • Identify and unlock the internal blocks to beginning a difficult conversation
  • Understand the process of escalation and de-escalation in difficult conversations
  • Minimise the negative perceptions that others create as a result of your assertion
  • Manage strong emotions and heated conversations
  • Access and manage elusive emotional and psychological factors which create resistance
  • Manage other people’s reactions
  • Constructively challenge negative attitudes and behaviours.

Manage Difficult Conversations

  • Prepare and plan for a difficult conversation
  • Follow a simple structure to manage interactions
  • Use neutral talk to defuse hot topics
  • De-personalise to reduce negativity and escalation
  • Re-personalise to repair and rebuild
  • Access and manage underlying dynamics that derail conversations
  • Consolidate ideas and options to move forward
  • See the direct personal and business benefits of raising difficult issues successfully.




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The following charges will apply if you wish to transfer your booking to a later course date:
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Substitute delegates:

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6-20 working days before a course = 33%
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