Workplace Mediation Conversion Course (3 days)

The Workplace Mediation Conversion Course will give you the skills and confidence to move your practice into this growing sector. The Government's push on workplace mediation encourages resolution as a first step in employee relations. The BIS consultation identifies many organisations as not knowing of or being able to access a mediation service. Employment guidance such as the Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary issues emphasises resolution, with mediation cited as a step prior to formal procedure.

This two day conversion course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to extend your professionalism into the workplace sector. The course will provide advanced techniques for family, civil & commercial and community mediators wanting to take on workplace mediations. The course includes business development advice for mediators who want to diversify their income stream and expand their portfolio.

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Bristol - Holiday Inn Filton, Filton Road, Bristol, BS16 1QX

London - 173 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2BJ

The trainer brings unrivalled knowledge and experience based on thirteen years of specialising in workplace mediation, 2,800 hours mediating and training over 1,500 workplace mediators. Training HR Directors, Equality & Diversity Managers, Regional and Local Union Reps, Occupational Health, Workplace Counsellors and many HR professionals and managers. Mediating and training for some of the UK's biggest global brands and a diverse range of public and private sector organisations. 

The trainer has also coached and mentored family mediation trainers and community mediation trainers in moving into the workplace mediation sector.

The Workplace Mediation Conversion Course will give you the confidence and integrity to extend your professionalism into the workplace sector. You will be able to conduct intake and assessments with Human Resources, union representatives and referring managers with authority. 

The course focuses on interpersonal conflict and relationship rebuilding and repair. The course will deal with issues such as bullying and harassment and how to help people step back from complaints, formal procedures and the threat of investigation.

Employers want to maintain and strengthen working relationships as well as get practical win-win outcomes. The course offers a model of mediation that prevents, resolves and transforms workplace conflict, de-escalating situations and diverting issues away from formal procedures and the risk of Employment Tribunal. 

The Government wants to reduce the damage and costs associated with escalation through formal procedure and Employment Tribunal. The Government's commitment to workplace mediation is part of the agenda for growth and business fitness for international competition.

The course will help you understand how mediation fits with and supports policies such as bullying & harassment, equality and diversity, performance management, sickness & absence and stress management.

This course offers accreditation for Units 1 and 2 of our National Certificate in Mediation Skills accredited through the National Open College Network.

For family mediators, civil & commercial mediators, neighbour & community mediators. For individual consultants who want to expand their portfolio and for larger mediation services and law firms who want to diversify their income stream.

The course is highly experiential and interactive with high levels of trainer demonstration, coaching and skills practice. The course offers insightful theory which will help you understand the psychology of workplace conflict and help you re-align your skills to workplace issues. The course offers advanced skills and techniques to help colleagues, line managers and teams reach resolution.

By the end of the programme participants will be able to

  • Understand the legislative incentive for workplace mediation
  • Understand the range of formal and informal dispute resolution options within the workplace
  • Conduct assessment and intake with HR, referring managers and union reps
  • Recognise the content, relations and processes of conflict in the workplace
  • Encourage, motivate and sell workplace mediation to contacts and clients
  • Overcome resistance to mediation within an organisational setting and engage people in a win/win approach to their conflicts
  • Understand the impact of conflict management styles within line management structures
  • Understand the relationship between interpersonal power and formal procedure in a workplace conflict
  • Rebuild and repair working relationships through a relational mediation process
  • Identify the differences between workplace mediation and family, community or commercial mediation
  • Understand the risks and opportunities in workplace mediation
  • Know when to mediate and when not to mediate in a workplace setting.

Comprehensive course materials include

  • Assessment criteria for workplace mediation intake
  • Mediable and non-mediable issues in the workplace
  • Scripts for key mediator inputs
  • Question lists
  • Mediation process maps
  • Checklists for managing face to face sessions
  • Typical workplace resistance to mediation and model responses
  • Typical workplace challenges to impartiality and model responses
  • Post course study pack
  • Full course assessment criteria.



Must be made in full no later than 14 working days prior to the course start date. Grant or funded delegates may pay retrospectively.


The following charges will apply if you wish to transfer your booking to a later course date:
21+ working days before a course = 0% of the course fee
6-20 working days before a course =15% of the course fee
1-5 working days before a course = 30% of the course fee
To transfer a delegate please call us on 0800 028 3866.

Substitute delegates:

You can transfer a place on a course to a substitute delegate free of charge.


The following charges will apply if you wish to cancel a course:
6-20 working days before a course = 33%
1-5 working days before a course = 50%

Cancellations must be received in writing via email to and must contain the full booking details including organisation name, booking and delegate contact details.

For full terms and conditions please see Terms and conditions page.


  • I was astonished at how highly and consistently evaluated the course was. Many of the delegates have cited this as the best piece of training they have had in many years. It has energised the...
    Ian Bloxham, Manager, Bristol Family Mediation
  • Best two days training I have had in memory. Clarity of trainer and practical demonstrations particularly useful. Exceptionally good training....
    Lesley Lanman, Mediator, West Wales Mediation
  • Very, very worthwhile. This was an extremely productive course. I found that both Steve’s knowledge of his subject and his ability to convey his experience ensured that the course delivered a high quality learning experience...
    Mairi Frith, Mediator, PPC, Bristol Family Mediation
  • Extremely good. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much in such a short space of time! ...
    Lee Whitehead, Civil & Commercial Mediator, Paramount Legal Costs Ltd.