National Certificate in Mediation Skills (5 day)

The nationally accredited Certificate in Mediation Skills sets the standard for mediation training in the UK. This course gives the positive behaviours, skills and confidence to prevent, resolve and transform disputes and conflicts. The course is for internal mediation teams or individuals wanting to work as a professional mediator. We provide a unique relational model and a values based approach to relationships in conflict, giving powerful strategies and the psychological keys to unlock conflict. The course is an insightful and challenging journey transforming experienced problem solvers into confident, competent mediators, giving a leading edge in successful employee relations. The course includes 12 months case support and service development advice. 

An intensive 5 day version of our National Certificate in Mediation Skills (6 day). Both available as in-house options giving organisations a choice in balancing staff time with operational constraints - email.

This accreditation is one of the few mediation courses listed on OfQual's Official Register of Qualifications and recognised by the QCF (Qualifications & Credit Framework). OfQual is the independent qualifications regulator for England and Wales.

International Mediation Training in Dublin - for VISA and travel information see the Venue guide under the Files tab.



London - 173 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2BJ

The Certificate in Mediation Skills offers a role, a structure and a process that can prevent, de-escalate and resolve interpersonal conflict

  • A model of mediation that repairs and rebuilds relationships
  • A set of skills, strategies and positive behaviours to deal with difficult negative conflict
  • A structured, step by step process
  • Techniques to engage conflicting parties, facilitate co-operation, and support people in taking responsibility for their own solutions

The mediation certification is accredited with the Open College Network at level 3, offering 3 units and 9 credits.

On word of mouth recommendation we have retrained delegates and organisations who have been previously trained by several of the UK's leading specialist mediation providers. This is a significant achievement given the level of satisfaction with their previous training provider.

Participants on our certificate courses qualify for post-course career development advice and consultancy free of charge.

For details of our in-house mediation training rates see - here.

Ideally suited for internal mediation teams or consultants wanting to excel in mediation.

The course is a high-value investment and plays a pivotal role in changing the culture on conflict. Highly acclaimed by senior managers, chief executives, HR professionals, contracts managers, employee relations managers, lawyers, community development workers, psychologists, social workers, youth workers and therapists.

Mediation works best as a preventative measure and can nip conflict in the bud, reducing the cost of and damage associated with escalation.

The course can also add value to the impact of coaches and mentors, complaints managers, supply chain managers and customer relations officers.

The course is highly relevant for anyone who deals with conflict on a daily basis and who wants more from difficult negotiations, complex communications and critical relationships.

The course is highly experiential and interactive with high levels of trainer demonstration, coaching and skills practice. The course offers insightful theory which will help you understand the psychology of conflict and help you to respond positively in complex and challenging conflicts. The course offers practical skills and techniques to help people reach resolution.

Course objectives:

  1. Understand the principles and theory of mediation
  2. Understand the psychology of conflict escalation and conflict resolution
  3. Create a safe environment within the mediation process
  4. Build rapport and trust with people in conflict
  5. Engage resistant people in a constructive process
  6. Maintain an impartial role
  7. Manage and structure the mediation process
  8. Facilitate co-operation and joint problem-solving
  9. Demonstrate anti-discriminatory practice
  10. Constructively manage difficult, conflict behaviours and strong emotions with appropriate control
  11. Strengthen sustainable resolution by addressing underlying psychological factors
  12. Assist people in conflict to achieve win-win outcomes
  13. Know when to mediate and when not to
  14. Understand your own development and support needs as a mediator

Comprehensive course materials include

  • scripts for key mediator inputs
  • question lists
  • mediation process maps and checklists
  • typical conflict challenges and model responses
  • ethical framework
  • post course study pack
  • full course assessment criteria.

The course is delivered over five days Monday-Friday.

For mediation courses on complaints resolution, homelessness, ASB neighbour & community conflict, student relationships and restorative justice see the section on - Community Relationships.




Must be made in full no later than 14 working days prior to the course start date. Grant or funded delegates may pay retrospectively.


The following charges will apply if you wish to transfer your booking to a later course date:
21+ working days before a course = 0% of the course fee
6-20 working days before a course =15% of the course fee
1-5 working days before a course = 30% of the course fee
To transfer a delegate please call us on 0800 028 3866.

Substitute delegates:

You can transfer a place on a course to a substitute delegate free of charge.


The following charges will apply if you wish to cancel a course:
6-20 working days before a course = 33%
1-5 working days before a course = 50%

Cancellations must be received in writing via email to and must contain the full booking details including organisation name, booking and delegate contact details.

For full terms and conditions please see Terms and conditions page.


  • Truly fantastic, really surpassed my expectations....
    Nicola Payne, Director of HR Delivery, Visa Europe
  • I really enjoyed this course and learned so much from it. The trainer managed to effectively balance theory and practice within a content-packed agenda, without making me feel inadequate. He supported all of us with constructive...
    Caroline, HR Consultant
  • Most challenging course I have ever been on in 30 years of civil service. Also best course I have ever been on. Prepared me for mediation brilliantly. Trainers were excellent, friendly and encouraging. I felt...
    HR Operations, Government Department.
  •  Probably the best training course I have been on in terms of delivery and learning....
    Full Time Union Representative.
  • Excellent course, professionally and expertly delivered. Pace was ideal with closure/ completion perfectly timed....
    Contracts Manager