• Workplace Mediation Survey - CIPD

    30 July 2008
    The CIPD survey reveals that most widely adopted practice for handling conflict is the training of HR managers (80%). Mediation is written into policies on diversity, harassment or bullying in... Read More
  • Mediator´s Confidentiality - court subpoenas Mediator

    29 July 2008
    Confidentiality is one of the foundation stones of mediation. Such confidentiality has long been respected by parties, professionals and courts. However, there is an increasing fear that such boundaries are... Read More
  • Gibbons Review & The Employment Bill

    08 July 2008
    The influence of the Gibbons Review with its push for mediation is still being eagerly awaited. The Employment Bill is currently subject to parliamentary consideration. The Bill provides for the... Read More
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