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  1. Dispute Resolution
  2. Equality & Diversity
  3. Civil & Commercial Mediation
  4. Family Mediation & Collaborative Law
  5. Restorative Justice
  6. International
  7. Mediation

1. Dispute Resolution

Direct Gov - Resolving Problems at Work

The Gibbons Review 'Better Dispute Resolution.'

MOJ Dispute Resolution Commitment

2. Equality & Diversity

Employers Forum on Belief

Employing Older Workers - Business Link

Equality & Human Rights Commission

GENDYS - GENDYS is a network for all who have encountered gender identity issues personally

Government Equalities Office

Press for Change - Campaigning for respect and equality for all trans people.

RADAR - The UK´s largest disability campaigning network.


Stonewall - Equality and justice for lesbians, gay men and bisexuals.

The British Dyslexia Association

Mental Health Foundation


Disability Conciliation - Services to resolve issues under the DDA.

Health & Safety Executive: Management standards for tackling stress at work

3. Civil & Commercial Mediation

Justice.Gov - Find a Civil Mediation provider

Civil Mediation Council

The Law Society: Civil & Commercial Mediation Accreditation Scheme

Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates - provides resources and training parties' representatives at mediation.

4. Family Mediation & Collaborative Law

Justice.Gov - Find a Mediation Service

Legal Services Commission Mediation Quality Mark

National Family Mediation

Family Mediators Association

College of Mediators

Resolution - Find a Collaborative Lawyer

Planning your Career - Family Mediator

5. Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Council

Restorative Justice On-line

6. International

International Mediation Institute

7. Mediation - vast and busy website claiming to be the most visited mediation site in the world.

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