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In-house Mediation Training

Setting up an in-house mediation service can be a highly successful investment. We offer a complete package of training and support on an on-going basis, tailored to your business and culture.

On word of mouth recommendation we have retrained organisations who have been previously trained by several of the UK's leading specialist mediation providers. This is a significant achievement given the level of satisfaction with their previous training provider. We have also retrained some of the busiest and most experienced mediators in the UK, offering significant value and boosting both performance and motivation.

With sixteen years experience of providing accredited mediation training, we are continually improving the quality of the learning experience, finding ever more efficient and effective ways of training skilful, confident mediators.

Market-leading quality at highly competitive rates

The day rates for in-house accredited mediation training offer sustainable skills learning at highly competitive rates compared to leading competitors.

If you have ever left a mediation course feeling less than confident, or if your mediation cases feel like you are just achieving compromise then we encourage you to retrain with us. If you have attended a course and been told, or thought, you can do this already then it is likely you have been trained in dispute settlement and compromise rather than win-win conflict resolution. If you are interested in stretching yourself and developing as a mediator then get in touch.

If you have trained as a civil & commercial mediator, this sector has recently moved into training face to face mediators as well as the caucus model. We have been training for face to face mediation in a wider variety of sectors for over a decade. Contact us to discover how this approach creates powerful, sustainable transformations in difficult situations.

If in your mediations you struggle with highly emotional parties, stubborn attitudes and unreasonable psychological stances then talk to us about our refresher or advanced mediation training. We are familiar with the models of many training companies and can seamlessly integrate and enhance a variety of approaches. 

If you are an SME or micro with under 500 staff and have questions about training internal mediators or providing mediation skills for managers, contact us to hear about our success stories and best practice advice.

Added Value

Included in the day rates are support, guidance and resources to maximise the returns on your training investment.

1) Pre course

  • Mediation service set up
  • Selecting & recruiting delegates e.g.: person spec and mediator job description
  • Mediation policy advice and procedural integration
  • Advice on marketing and promotion

2) On course

  • Progress updates to you
  • Dedicated one to one support for key individuals both on and off course e.g.: senior stakeholder or mediation service manager
  • Dedicated learner support for individuals at risk of not achieving full accreditation
  • Advice and consultation on embedding mediation into your organisation and overcoming blocks to implementation

3) Post course aftercare

  • Summary evaluation report to client
  • In-depth individual written assessments on strengths and areas for development to mediators
  • Helpline and phone support for mediators and mediation service manager for 12 months
  • Post course review and follow up
  • Implementation: pitfalls and success strategies
  • Increasing referrals, improving quality of referrals.

The workplace mediation sector has grown significantly over the last five years. There is a wealth of choice with many new providers as well as established providers from other mediation sectors moving into the workplace mediation market.  We are a principled organisation and conduct our business in line with our values; contact us for impartial advice and overview of the workplace mediation sector.

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