Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations helps your people have conversations that are needed; and have them fairly, constructively and respectfully.

This approach builds people´s capacity to address difficult issues and maintain important business relationships.

Our aim is to help you initiate constructive discussions on difficult issues in the face of strong feelings whilst maintaining respect, both ways, and reaching better outcomes. This can be any business or professional conversation which will suffer from being avoided or damaged by confrontation.

Conversations can be about: performance, compliance, feedback, professional boundaries or diversity issues. The content is important but it's the process which gives confidence, gets results and restores trust.

We can coach you through a difficult conversation or directly facilitate a difficult conversation in person or over the phone. This approach helps keep business on track, even when emotions are running high and relationships feel strained.

To skill managers, team leaders and HR Advisors to raise and resolve issues see here - Difficult Conversations Training.

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