Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching provides conflict resolution skills and strategies for the individual. The conflict coach enables the individual to resolve workplace issues without the need for third party intervention by a mediator, manager or investigator.

This one to one service strengthens people's skills and confidence; either removing blocks and fears to taking responsibility or increasing awareness of behaviours and impact . The conflict coach offers an intensive one to one approach to improve problem solving, interpersonal skills and leadership. Specific concerns around

  • managing or working with 'difficult' people
  • preparing for difficult conversations
  • win / win negotiation skills
  • managing differences and working co-operatively
  • resolving conflict between team members
  • development of interpersonal skills
  • development of conflict resolution skills
  • dealing with inner conflict and its impact on motivation and leadership

This one to one work provides a confidential opportunity to address personal or professional issues that impact on performance.

We provide conflict coaching in-person, over the phone or on-line to save time and expense. Our sessions work flexibly, with initial input, then your real time conversation or meeting in the workplace, then follow up support after the event.

HR advisors play a key role in supporting and coaching managers to resolve conflict at the earliest stage. Contact us to talk about training your HR advisors to be conflict coaches.

Conflict coaching can also be a useful tool to support anxious or resistant parties in engaging with mediation services.